Joseph Urban is a highly qualified  Factory Certified Harp Technician and Authorized Member of Lyon &
Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild, with over 20 years of hands-on factory experience in Final Assembly and
Regulation, with the worlds leading harp manufacturers and over 8 years as an Independent Harp Tech.
Over the years working in the positions of Final Assembler,  Master Harp Regulator and Road Service Harp
Technician, Joe has gained all the knowledge necessary to become an independent Master Harp Technician,
knowing all aspects of harp building process.
While working at Lyon & Healy Harps, Joe has specialized in Apprentice Training and many of his Trainees are
serving harp communities today.
While based in Chicagoland, Joe now travels to many different areas throughout the US. Contact Joe if you
need an expert in the fields of Harp Regulation and Maintenance.
To keep your instrument in the top notch condition, schedule your harp regulation on regular basis.
Joe Urban is the Harp Care Professional you can trust.
Welcome to Joe Urban's:
Pedal and Lever Harp Regulation and Maintenance