For a full restring, plan to leave your harp with the technician for 2- 3 days. Bring
your own strings.
Please tune your harp on the day of regulation and make sure it holds tune.
Inspect your strings closely. Change any visibly worn or grooved strings,
especialy nylons, at least a weeks prior to regulation appointment.
1st Octave Nylons should be changed at least every 6 months.
To avoid additional house call charge, you will need to bring your harp to the
location where the technician is working. Plan to leave your harp for at least 3
Warranty Regulation will be charged $75.00 to cover technician's travel costs.
Appointment cancelations within less than 48 hours of appointment will be
         billed full fee of services requested.
Always replace strings with the same kind, gut with gut and nylon with nylon, as it
affects regulation and pitch.
Unless otherwise requested, your harp will be regulated and tuned A440.

Full Service Regulation includes:

new slot and pedal felts
checking over movement and clicks
pedal rods adjustments
checking stiffness and sluggishness of pedals
adjustment and lubrication of springs
setting disc screws
setting grip
lining up strings
tightening/adjusting stationary nuts as needed
adjusting BPS (back plate screws) as needed
noise control  
tuning and calibrating the intonation of intervals

Other services extra.